Frequently Asked Questions

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Reserve the scanner computer via a librarian's computer. The patron needs a library card for the reservation.


Please see the printer resource here.


1. Pull up the start menu.

2. Open LPT print terminal.

3. Select job to release.

4. Click on "Release Job."


1. Go to print terminal.

2. Click on "Staff Override."

3. Type in override code.


There are binder paper and printer paper on the lower metal shelf where the board games are.


Yes, the earbuds offered at the reference desk aren't great, but they shouldn't break immediately.  Before giving a patron a replacement pair, check the following:

  1. ...that the headphones are plugged into the correct computer.  Hopefully the lab remodel will make this clearer, but it's a very easy mistake for both patrons and volunteers to make.
  2. ...that the volume isn't muted, and click on the volume icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to verify that the volume control bar is somewhere in the middle (i.e. that all the sound isn't going to either the left or the right speaker)
  3. ...that the earbuds are plugged in all the way; some of the computers have a "sweet spot."  If the earbuds aren't playing, or if only one side is working, fiddle with it a little, and it might just start working perfectly.

Finally, keep in mind that we can replace headphones if the patron purchased them the same day.  However, if they say they purchased them on a previous day, we cannot offer them a replacement pair.


The bathrooms are downstairs and to the right, across from the circulation desk and the teens area. There are no bathrooms on the second floor.